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New Equestrian Dept

Horseware - Masta - Gallop

Rugs - Clothing - Bridles

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Dog Grooming Salon

All Breeds Welcome

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Gro Sure Farmyard Manure

Give your garden a boost, dig into the soil to help inprove the structure and nutrients. After digging in plant up your beds and borders as normal.

Gro Sure Tomato Planter

Feeds for 6 weeks. Moisture retention formula - requires less watering. Extra large - more roots, more crops, more fruit and more tomatoes!

Gro-Sure Container & Basket Compost

Fill containers, plant in young plants, keep watered and enjoy the display!

Multi Purpose Compost with John Innes

Fill pots, containers, baskets with compost and plant your new flowers and veggies or dig into your borders to enrich and improve the soil.

Top Soil Big Value Bag

For use in pots, containers or dig into beds and borders as a soil improver

Jacks Magic All Purp Comp 60l

Rich peat based compost. Great for seed sowing & potting on. Use in beds, borders & containers. Perfect medium for flowers, fruits & vegetables

Landscape Bark 100l

Westland Landscape Bark contains 30-50mm large chips for maximum coverage. It is Ideal for covering pathways and large areas and also helps suppress weed growth. Improved moisture retention around plants.

GroSure Easy Container Comp 50l

Fill containers, plant in young plants, keep watered and enjoy the display!

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